In 1992, a group of IBEW Local 44 Lineman traveled to Kansas City, Missouri and attended the International Lineman's Rodeo. They came home to Montana with a dream of sending the top Montana Lineman to the International Rodeo. In 1993 their dream became a reality and the Montana Lineman's Rodeo Association was born. The first annual Montana Lineman's Rodeo was held at Holter Dam, just a short distance away from the Missouri River.

The Montana Lineman's Rodeo Association (MTLRA) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that exists to promote, finance, and facilitate the annual Montana Lineman's Rodeo. The purpose of MTLRA is to educate the public on electrical power line workers, safety, and to demonstrate the skills necessary to insure reliable electric power.

The MTLRA is funded solely by donations and sponsorships from industry partners, the public, and interested parties. All funds are used to conduct the annual Montana Lineman's Rodeo, and send the winning teams to the International Lineman's Rodeo Competition held in Overland Park, Kansas. Sponsors of the MTLRA include electric utilities, construction companies, unions, equipment vendors, community organizations, and public donations. Sponsors and donations are always welcome, and appreciated!

The MTLRA has a 31-year history in conducting the annual Rodeo, as well as educating the public about electrical safety. The Montana Lineman's Rodeo event is open to the public, without admission charges. The rodeo is held on the third Saturday in July, with pre-function activities occurring on Friday night before the event.

1st Montana
1993 July 17thHolter Dam
2nd Montana1994July 16thHolter Dam
3rd Montana1995July 15thHolter Dam
4th Montana1996July 20thHolter Dam
5th Montana1997July 19thHolter Dam
6th Montana1998July 18thHolter Dam
7th Montana1999July 17thDeer Lodge
8th Montana2000July 15thDeer Lodge
9th Montana2001July 21stDeer Lodge
10th Montana2002July 20thDeer Lodge
11th Montana2003July 19thDeer Lodge
12th Montana2004July 17thDeer Lodge
13th Montana2005July 16thDeer Lodge
14th Montana2006July 15thDeer Lodge
15th Montana2007July 21stDeer Lodge
16th Montana2008July 19thPelican Point
17th Montana2009July 18thPelican Point
18th Montana2010July 17thPelican Point
19th Montana2011July 16thPelican Point
20th Montana2012July 21stPelican Point
21st Montana2013July 20thButte
22nd Montana2014July 19thButte
23rd Montana2015July 18thButte
24th Montana2016July 16thButte
25th Montana2017July 15thButte
26th Montana2018July 21stButte
27th Montana 2019 July 20thButte
28th Montana2020CancelledButte
28th Montana Rona-Redo

29th Montana

30th Montana

31st Montana



July 17

July 16

July 15

July 20